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Is Schizophrenia the new norm?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes a patient seem out of touch with reality or display disorganised speech or behavior. It is also characterised by a decreased ability to concentrate and memory loss. Schizophrenia is a disorder that requires a medical diagnosis. According to the WHO, it affects 1 in 300 people worldwide, which makes it uncommon. However, with the new trends in one of the top countries in the world, schizophrenia may be more common than we think.

With new concepts such as being able to "identify" as a particular gender, object, or anything at all, defying biology and choosing to be "non-binary" (which means not having a gender regardless of the biological construct), or proclaiming babies' or children’s sexuality because of something as little as a favourite color, these are definitely signs of the disorder. It is getting to a point where the wrong things are now considered to be normal, and with the promotion of the new norm, it is beginning to seem like seeing things and being out of touch with reality, also known as schizophrenia, is the order of the day.

It is possible to feel that there is nothing wrong with people accepting these new norms, after all everyone has a right to their opinions, it is a basic human right and it is the same reason why people should be free to object it. However, it seems to be a problem when people object these opinions and their comments have been tagged as "offensive". It does not seem to be offensive when children are taught in school about them and they feature such in movies just to popularize the ideas.

The issue is that these ideas are becoming more popularized and are they eventually going to be the norm? more importantly are these ideas not portraying the traits of schizophrenia as they are out of touch with reality and should the concerns be about spreading awareness about these concepts or making efforts to curb them as they seem to be the effects of a mental illness.

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