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Indian hospital removes 300 kidney stones from 75-year-old farmer

The Asian Institute of Nephrology & Urology (AINU) in Hitech City has successfully removed 300 kidney stones from a 75-year-old farmer.

While stone production is a normal occurrence in this region of the world, the presence of so many stones poses a difficulty to the urologists who operate on such patients.

According to physicians, Ram Reddy, a resident of Karimnagar district, had been suffering from severe back and flank pain for several months before being sent to and presented at AINU Hitech City.

Ultrasound and computerised tomography (CT) scans revealed the existence of a huge 7cm stone in the right kidney.

According to Dr. Md. Taif Bendigeri, Consultant Urologist at AINU, while 7mm to 15mm sized stones are frequent among patients, anything more than 7cm was too large and might be unpleasant for the patient.

The patient's advanced age, as well as co-morbidities and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart difficulties, complicated the process.

Nonetheless, he stated that the team lead by Dr. Mallikarjuna C. exercised full due diligence, took all essential safeguards, and performed a keyhole surgery utilising sophisticated LASER technology.

"A key-hole incision of only 5mm in size was used to remove the stone burden of more than 7cm. All 300 stones were removed from the kidney after a technically difficult treatment. "The patient was diagnosed as normal with no issues and was discharged on the second day following surgery," Dr. Taif stated.

The treatment was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Mallikarjuna C., who was ably assisted by Dr. Deepak Ragoori and Dr. Leela Krishna. This professional team was effectively backed by an anesthesiology team comprised of Dr. Satyanarayana, Dr. Neelam, and Dr. Sahaja.

It is vital to highlight that kidney stones might be completely asymptomatic or have very vague symptoms and cause silent kidney damage.

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