How can the typical trauma trigger?

Experiencing traumas in our life is not something elusive. According to data collected, 70% of people experience typical traumas in their lives, and 20% are likely to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. People are more prone to suffer from PTSD due to witnessing war, violence, abuse, and neglect. Such typical traumas can affect the psychological aspect of an individual. Once an individual begins to experience typical traumas, overcoming them is difficult as they can affect an individual's personality in the long run.

Identifying the things or situations that can trigger trauma is often complex. Anything can be cited as a reason for causing or triggering traumas. Memories, emotions, smell or fragrance, and touch can cause internal triggers, eventually leading to PTSD. Internal triggers of traumas can fetch various symptoms like anxiety or anger over petty things, feeling lonely and frustrated, overwhelmed by the feeling of being abandoned, increased heart rate, and experiencing muscle tension and pain in the body.

Simultaneously, internal triggers are hard to detect, whereas external triggers are caused by situations, places, or people and are easy to see. The external trigger can incite PTSD symptoms causing again experiencing the feeling of the traumatic event. External triggers can be caused due to meeting a person connected to the event, through some sound, a news article related to a traumatic event, etc.

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