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Hollywood star Bruce Willis retired from his acting career

Hollywood star and action hero Bruce Willis has recently retired from his acting career. The family of actor Bruce Willis announced on 30 March 2022 that the actor was withdrawing from his acting career due to an illness.

The actor is suffering from aphagia disease, which is why he has retired from acting. Bruce's family has shared this information through social media. This condition significantly reduces the ability to express or understand speech.

Bruce Willis' daughter, Rumer, shared a joint statement on her Instagram handle. It read, "To Bruce's fans, as a family, we want to share that our dear Bruce is experiencing some health issues."

Let us tell you that recently it has been reported that he is suffering from aphagia. This disease is affecting his ability to speak, write and understand language. He said that this is a situation that can take away the power of communication of a person. As a result of this and a lot of thought, Bruce has decided to give up his acting career.

Bruce Willis is suffering from a disease called aphagia. It is a disease related to the brain. The person suffering from this has trouble speaking, writing, and even understanding written words. The power of communication of a person in the grip of this disease can also be snatched away.

Bruce Willis began his acting career in the 1980s. The actor worked in films such as The Verdict, Moonlighting, Hostage, Out of Death, The Boxing, Glass during his long career. The actor is known for his series to Die Hard in his acting career spanning four decades. He has also won many awards in his name.

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