Gold Looted By Nazi: A freight train full of gold suddenly disappeared and has not been found yet

During World War II, when the Nazi forces invaded large parts of Europe and North Africa, they looted huge valuable assets from people's homes. These included gold, silver, and expensive paintings. Many of these items were recovered when World War II ended, but the treasure looted by the Nazi forces is still missing. Many believe that this treasure was hidden in some secret place. There are many stories about this treasure trove.

But did the Nazis steal the gold, and do those still exist today?

Experts agree that the Nazi gold theft stories are true. Because at that time, Hitler used to run his power on the trust of Nazi gold. Wherever the Nazi troops went, they looted gold. The Nazi army looted heavily, especially the Jews. The loot included precious works of art, carpets, jewelry, silverware, porcelain, and expensive glassware, and gold was the most important item. It is said that the Nazi soldiers also looted the gold which was in the Central Bank of Germany. That is called monetary gold.

Thirty percent of the looted gold has yet to be found...Professor of Israel Studies at New York University Ronald Zweig says the Nazis looted monetary gold from Germany's central bank. He adds that the Nazi army looted the gold of the common people as well as from the central bank of Germany. After the war, only 70 percent of it was recovered. Apart from the banks, the Nazi forces also looted the houses, shops, and dead bodies. Later in 1945, the American forces discovered hidden treasures in Germany and Austria. The site where the treasure was discovered was a salt mine that yielded $517 million, with about $8.5 billion in gold bars and coins.

Gold was hidden in a Nazi train. Many stories about Nazi gold say that the gold was hidden in a train by the Nazi army, and the train was buried under a mountain in Poland. However, nothing was found when this place was searched. The excavation occurred in 2016, and no rail or gold was found. Ronald Zweig, in his book 'The Gold Train' tells the story of a train loaded with Nazi gold and leaving Budapest. This train stopped at many places, including Austria. The train was loaded with gold and silver looted from Hungarian Jews. Gold was hidden in different places on this train. Local farmers later discovered it after the French army ended the war. In May 1945, American soldiers discovered the gold, but the rest had not been found yet.

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