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Former Russian Oligarch opines that Putin may expand the invasion to Baltic countries

As the Russian-Ukraine war has caught the whole world's attention with uncertain scenarios, The Exiled Russian oligarch, amid this situation, opines that Putin's next step could be the invasion of the Baltic countries. The former Russian oligarch claimed that " Putin is at war with US and NATO." The Russian critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky talked about the plausible expansion of the Russian invasion at a press briefing hosted by the Centre for Liberal Modernity.

In addition, he has also claimed that the Propagandists have prepared the Russian Society for an attack on NATO countries. If Putin successfully invades Ukraine, he will expand his invasion to Baltic countries. President Putin's war on Ukraine can be deemed as an invasion of the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Further relating his concern, Khodorkovsky said, "We must decipher that Putin in his head is not at war with Ukraine; rather, he is at war with NATO and United States."

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a former oil tycoon and was the wealthiest man in Russia till 2003. was considered the richest man in Russia until 2003. Khodorkovsky was charged with financial crimes and was imprisoned for nine years by Putin. Mikhail has been a blatant critic of Putin's regime from then on. Earlier this month, Mikhail predicted that Russia's invasion of Ukraine would end Putin's government, but expressing his concern, he said, " Putin went insane when the Ukrainians tried to resist the invasion." I am sure that the annexation of Ukraine would not be the last step for Russia; rather, it would be a new step for the invasion of Baltic countries.

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