Embracing the natural way of curing modern-day diseases

Nature has offered us abundant ways to cure our myriad problems and diseases only if we follow and embrace it. Yoga continued from ancient times until today and is one such natural way of curing our diseases. Yoga has a wider domain extending from encouraging an individual to hiking its meditation power to save the person from being caught in the caves of depression. Practising YOGA in everyday life can cure diseases and serve as a preventive aid.

Thyroid: thyroid is a common disease found in many individuals. The thyroid, also called Adam's apple present in our body and is responsible for metabolic activities in our body and unstability in the working of the thyroid can pose severe dangers to our body. Thus, one can prevent thyroid-related problems by doing Halasana pose or the Matsyasana pose. These poses help to stretch and stimulate the thyroid gland.

Lower back pain: continuous and arduous working hours at a particular place can cause back pain problems. One should practice Supta Matsyendrasana and Vrikshasana pose to prevent or cure back pain. These two yoga postures are beneficial for our spine and help to relieve pain.

Diabetes: is one such disease that is very common in a family and society. Under diabetes, the body cannot produce insulin which simultaneously increases blood sugar levels. Thus to maintain the sugar level, the patient should perform Ardha Matsyendrasana and Chakrasana. These two poses help to maintain a balanced sugar level in the body.

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