Electoral Reforms: Center approves electoral reforms; Now the link will be the Aadhar card.

The Union Cabinet has approved electoral reforms. Accordingly, many important changes are going to take place. The key is that voter IDs can now be linked to Aadhaar.

The Union Cabinet has approved the electoral reforms.

The voter ID card has to be linked with the Aadhar card.

New voters will be registered four times a year.

The Modi government at the Center has taken a big step towards electoral reforms. The recommendations made by the Election Commission of India in this regard have been approved in the Union Cabinet meeting today. The most important thing is that the voter ID card will now be linked to the Aadhar card. This matter is going to be optional.

The Central Election Commission has made a number of important recommendations to the Central Government to make the electoral process more efficient and effective. The Election Commission was awaiting the decision of the government. Today, the key recommendations have received the green signal from the Center. Since the voter ID card will be linked to the Aadhar card, the commission has several objectives. It is said that this will curb double voting, voter registration in more than one place. It has also been mentioned that the matter of linking voter identity cards with Aadhar cards will be kept optional in view of the order given by the Supreme Court regarding Aadhar cards.

According to another proposal approved by the Cabinet, major changes have been made for new voters who have completed 18 years of age. New voters will now be registered four times a year. Earlier, January 1 was the cut-off date for voter registration. By making changes, new voters will be able to register their names every three months. Apart from this, the Election Commission has been given the power to acquire any place for carrying out the voting process. The use of the school as a polling station is objected to in many places. The commission had made the recommendation considering the matter. It has been approved by the Center.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Reform Bill will be tabled in the current winter session.

The Commission has taken a number of important steps to improve the electoral process. It is being said that 40 proposals of the Election Commission are pending with the Center. It includes a number of important proposals, such as declaring paid news a crime, providing for up to two years imprisonment for a person who submits a false affidavit. The Election Commission had in June written to the Law Ministry requesting it to approve the pending proposal.

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