Controversial statement on the Prophet, Al-Qaeda threatens suicide attacks in India

Al-Qaida threatens suicide blasts in India. The Party took action after controversy erupted over his statement and strong protests from the Muslim community. Former B.J.P. national spokesperson Nupur Sharma's controversial statement has reverberated internationally. Al-Qaeda has threatened to carry out suicide attacks in India. Al-Qaeda The Subcontinent (AQIS) has warned of suicide attacks in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, and Delhi.

(Al-Qaeda threatens suicide bomb blasts in India)

During a televised discussion, Nupur Sharma had made an allegedly insulting remark about Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam. Jindal had posted an offensive post about him on Twitter. They removed it later. However, both these issues were vehemently opposed by the Muslim community. Twitter trends called for a boycott of Indian products in some countries. The B.J.P. on Sunday suspended the Party's national spokesperson Nupur Sharma for allegedly making controversial remarks about the Prophet Mohammad. At the same time, Delhi-based media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal was also expelled from the Party.

The organization has stated the controversy over Nupur Sharma's statement. It also mentions saffron terrorists in the paper. Indians have been warned to be prepared for attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat. Al-Qaeda threatened that Those who insult their Prophet should be killed. To blow up those who use abusive language, we should attack ourselves and our children with explosives. They will not receive any amnesty, the statement said.

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