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Canadian and Latvian Troops Jointly Train Ukrainian Soldiers in Latvia

Canadian and Latvian armed forces have embarked on a collaborative initiative to provide training for Ukrainian soldiers in Latvia. The joint training program, set to commence on Monday, aims to enhance the capabilities of Ukrainian troops. This effort supplements Canada's ongoing endeavors to train Ukrainian forces in the United Kingdom and Poland.

With approximately 800 soldiers deployed in Latvia, Canada currently maintains its largest foreign military presence in the country, which shares borders with Russia and Belarus. Recognizing the significance of supporting Ukraine, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand emphasized that the consequences of inaction far outweigh the cost of military aid.

Minister Anand revealed that Canada has already trained over 36,000 Ukrainian forces thus far. The latest training program will primarily focus on providing assistance to junior officers in vital areas such as intelligence, reconnaissance, and battle planning. This specialized training is expected to further enhance the skills and readiness of Ukrainian troops.

In addition to the deployment of 800 soldiers in Latvia, Canada has stationed approximately 170 troops in the United Kingdom and 80 soldiers in Poland to train Ukrainian forces. These multiple training sites signify Canada's commitment to strengthening Ukraine's military capabilities.

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