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Canada Imposes Emergency: Second Emergency in 50 Years in Canada, Truck Drivers Strike

A two-week strike by trucks and other vehicles on the Montana route on the Canadian border came to an end the day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exercised his state of emergency.

The strike by trucks and other vehicles on the Montana route on the Canadian border with the United States, which had been going on for the past two weeks, has now come to an end. Vehicles have begun plying the city in southern Alberta. The situation comes just days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exercised his right to emergency.

Meanwhile, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloley has resigned after failing to properly handle a truck driver strike.

Protesters have blocked access to the US in Coots, Alberta, since January 29 in protest of the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and widespread health restrictions. Meanwhile, a few days ago, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 13 people at the border and confiscated firearms and ammunition from them.

Emergency in Canada again after 50 years

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau on Monday (local time) imposed an emergency law. Trudeau called for an emergency decision to give the federal government additional powers to deal with the blockade and protests by truck drivers against the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination. Therefore, after 50 years, the state of emergency has been declared in Canada once again.

Emergency law provides for imprisonment and a fine of up to 80,000 for non-compliance with a government order.

The use of emergency law by Justin Trudeau's father

Earlier, in October 1970, the Emergency Act was enacted in Canada. Emergency law was used by the father of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then-Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau.

At that time, Canadian troops were sent to Quebec to establish peace and law. Pierre Laporte, a British businessman and Quebec minister, was abducted by a terrorist group in Quebec. Pierre Laporte's body was later found tied to the trunk of a car.

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