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Can isolation cure your loneliness?

Isolation and loneliness are often synonymously used words for depicting a grimmer and bleak emotion. Many individuals believe that isolation serves as a breeding ground for loneliness to mushroom, ultimately overpowering an individual’s emotions. But contrary to this notion, it is opined that embracing social isolation for a temporary period can help you at some times when you feel lonely. Though it may sound strange, the feeling of loneliness has nothing to do with isolation.

It is observed that socially isolated people do not feel as lonely compared to people surrounded by a lot of people. Spending time with yourself and understanding your situation can drag you out of the cages of loneliness. Sometimes it is better suggested to temporarily cut off from the external world to find the answers for your inner self. Spending quality time with oneself and deciphering yourself can give you a better and more explicit picture of your goal and life.

After socially isolating yourself, you can appreciate and value the presence of people around you. Thus, the relationship between isolation and loneliness is equally balanced, as temporary social isolation can help you understand the value of people trying to connect with you, and simultaneously it can help you overcome your feeling of loneliness.

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