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Biden demands immediate chip legislation to counter China's tech surge

President Joe Biden on Friday demanded the US parliament Congress to immediately ratify the Bipartisan Innovation Act, supported by both Republicans and Democrats. According to both parties, this new act will help safeguard the country from future supply chain upheaval in Asia. Biden further claimed that the new bill is a Bipartisan bill, and senators Brown and Portman are endeavoring to get the bill passed.

Biden acknowledged the efforts of the two senators for their collaboration on the legislation of the bipartisan bill, which endeavors to boost domestic manufacturing. Demanding the immediate legislation of the bill, President Biden said, "Pass the damn bill and send it to me." Further highlighting the bill's importance, Biden claimed that by legislating this bipartisan bill, we will be able to combat the high prices, introduce various home jobs, and boost America's manufacturing potential."

Though this bipartisan bill is backed by both the parties and the house, the lawmakers are in the process of rectifying differences in the two legislative versions. A formal meeting will be held on Thursday by the negotiators of both chambers.

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