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Bangladesh Cricketer Tanzim Hasan Shakib Under Scrutiny for Alleged Islamic Extremist Ideologies

Bangladesh, a country known for its struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, has found itself entangled in a new controversy involving one of its rising cricket stars, Tanzim Hasan Shakib.

Tanzim Hasan Shakib, an emerging fast bowler in the Bangladesh cricket team, has ignited a firestorm of controversy in recent days due to his inflammatory posts on his verified Facebook page. His comments, which have been widely condemned, target women's rights, religious sentiments of minority communities, and even endorse extremist ideologies.

One of Tanzim's Facebook posts drew sharp criticism from feminist activists and advocates for gender equality. In this post, he stated, "If a wife works, violates the right of her husband, if wife works, violates the rights of her children, If a wife works, destroys her family, If a wife works, spoils a society." This assertion was seen as derogatory and regressive, perpetuating harmful stereotypes about women and their roles in society.

In another controversial post, Tanzim further fueled outrage by suggesting, "If you marry a university girl who is habituated to free conversation, you will not give your child a good mom." Such remarks were widely condemned for perpetuating stereotypes about educated women.

However, Tazim's controversial Facebook activity did not stop there. In another post, he expressed support for extremist Islamic ideologies, advocating for the destruction of temple sculptures and even discouraging Muslims from participating in the Hindu festival of Durga Puja in Bangladesh. These posts triggered a wave of public outrage and condemnation. In the face of mounting protests and criticism, Tanzim was eventually forced to delete all of his controversial posts from his Facebook page.

Adding to the controversy are allegations that Tanzim did not sing the national anthem during a recent Asia Cup cricket match against India. Critics have claimed that his alleged refusal to participate in this national tradition is a manifestation of his purported Islamic extremist ideology.

As a response to these developments, several social activists in Bangladesh are now demanding that the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) take swift and decisive action against Tanzim Hasan Shakib. They are calling for his suspension from the Bangladesh National cricket team, contending that such behavior is unacceptable for a representative of the nation in international sports. Furthermore, activists have threatened to escalate the matter by formally approaching the International Cricket Council (ICC) if the BCB fails to act promptly. This unfolding situation underscores the ongoing challenge of addressing extremist ideologies and promoting inclusivity in Bangladesh, both within and beyond the world of sports. The BCB has yet to release an official statement regarding these allegations, but pressure continues to mount from activists and the general public for a resolution.

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