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A woman hangs herself to death because of the cruelty of the Taliban

Atrocities against women continue in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. The latest case has come to light from Ghor province. Here a woman had eloped with a married man. Taliban fighters sentenced him to stone pelting. The woman was humiliated in front of the public; she was attacked she committed suicide before that. Abdul Rahman, the acting spokesman for the Taliban's provincial police chief, said the convicted woman was sentenced to stoning in public because there was no women's prison at the local level.

Even before this punishment, she strangled herself with a dupatta (scarf). Her body was found at her house. There have been several recent incidents of women fleeing their homes in Afghanistan. Taliban officials have sentenced these people to death by stoning or publicly lashing them. These cases are coming to the fore when strict restrictions have been imposed against women in the country. In many areas, they are also barred from getting an education.

The Taliban regime, which took control of Kabul in August last year, has curtailed women's rights and freedoms. Women are primarily excluded from work. Due to this, women and girls in Afghanistan are facing human rights crisis. Afghan women have been deprived of fundamental education, employment, public participation, and health rights.

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